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The Sacred Feminine Mural Project

Sacred Feminine Mural Project. Daniel T. Lopez was the lead artist and administrator for this mural project.  He conceived and designed the mural. The mural was painted with the assistance of three additional artists, who worked closely under Lopez’s supervision and mentorship:  Jada Grant, Lucinda Gabriella Aguilar (from Sonoma County), and Darren Hurst (from Fresno County). The mural is permanently displayed at Casa de la Esperanza, a parenting program, at Cook Jr. High School in Roseland area of Santa Rosa, California.

The mural consists of five 4ft X 8ft panels of vinyl sheets, supported with 1/8 inch plywood backing and braced with 1’X2’x 8ft pine frames. This project was also conceived as a community endeavor, in which community participants were invited to paint along side the artist. A special invitation was extended to the students of the Youth Connection Program of Santa Rosa, California. The entire student Body participated in this two-day event in celebration of Dia de Los Muertos’ in Santa Rosa, California, 2012. The artist completed the mural at Daniel T. Lopez’s art studio.