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I am drawn to aesthetics that express supreme beauty, such as Michelangelo’s “Pieta”, Bernini’s “Ecstasy of Saint Teresa”, and Dali’s “Christ of Saint John of the Cross”. That which evokes thought, like Goya’s “The Third of May”, Picasso’s “Guernica”, Theodore Gericault’s “La Balsa de la Medusa” and Alfredo David Siqueiros’ “Torment of Cuauhtémoc”, inspires me. While the themes of these artists vary, they capture and convey a deeper sense of who we are as human beings. They take us beyond a physical sense of self, to a place where we can examine the very essence of our being. Whether it is a search for life’s deeper meaning or a depiction of human struggle to free oneself from entanglements, the artists put it all before us, be it in its full beauty or in its raw reality.


As artists, we create visual images according to how we perceive our place in our universe and our connection to it. Our work evolves around our exploration of our nature and the questions that probe us to look further into ourselves. I hope to awaken, within me, the inner realization that we are all participants in the whole of this cosmic scheme. My work is my vehicle, through which I continuously search.


My art takes an in-depth view of the human condition. I view issues affecting us socially, politically, and culturally. My materials and processes vary but there are similarities in themes, messages, and conscious reflections. I strive to bring human connectivity between self and the universe. I attempt to bring the mysterious knowledge of our ancestors to the core of our present knowledge, thus allowing us to go beyond our self imposed limitations. I use art to bridge the gap between that which separates and alienates us from one other, thus, bringing us closer to healing, physically and spiritually. I hope to poke people to think critically, to look deep within the conscience and examine how as individuals we contribute to the problems that plague us, and to explore how we can work to solve these problems, collectively.

My series dealing with the Vietnam War propels the viewers to look into the abyss of their own souls and ask, ‘How can this happen?’ ‘How can I stop this human destruction?’ ‘How can I become a better human being?’

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