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In my new series on the Time Space Continuum. I explore time, space, matter and energy. I see that since the Big Bang, things have not stopped. The whole universe is in constant change, and flow. As a Mayan Elder said, this is not my body I am momentarily borrowing it from my elders. In our short moment of existence we to often get caught in ego or chasing material goods. And it is only when a love one dies do we weep in great sadness and  realize the meaning of life. And it is only momentarily do we see the fragility of life. But this momentary  existence is our gift from nature to wake momentarily and be. This very fragile moment of life is also an eternal gift for each moment is eternal. 

It is through our imagination, our art and creativity that we can travel to distance gallexies and see in wonderment all that is or can be. 

I have been travelling via my imagination and art. In my new series I have been exploring the far reaching of the universe/maltiverse searching with immense excitement. It is fortunate for us, for me to try to touch the untouchable.  For the untouchable is consantly touching me/us.