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Mural painting has been around for millennia it has been part of the human expression since the dawn of time. I enjoy creating murals, I especially like working with the public. It is a great tool for addressing cultural, political and environmental issues. The great part of mural painting for me is that is for general public consumption.

Mural painting is a great way to teach students about the art process.  You can analyze; color, line, contrast, harmony, and just about anything you would want the students to learn. You can use the themes to teach history, culture, science etc., etc.

 I really liked the ideas that, Alfrado David Siqueiros developed during his lifetime about mural creation. Siqueiros talked a lot about the Dynamic Spectator and about changing the perspective point along the axis movement of the spectator. Siqueiros also experimented with lots of different tools and materials. I have tried to incorporate Siqueiros ideas into my mural painting. I leaned a lot by studying Mexican muralist, besides the three greats Rivera, Siqueiros and Orozco, there were many who preceded them and many who followed. I recommend studying mural history it is a good foundation for any one who wants to paint murals.  


The Latino murals, which sprang forward since the 1060s, have come a long way and have accomplished many wonderful projects. I can’t address that history here but I recommend further inquiry. With the world at your fingertips with the electronic media check out the world of mural painting. Mural painting is now a world phenomenon; one can get a bird eye’s view of the human condition by visiting mural artist from across the world.


Healdsburg Mural Project 1989, Healdsburg California 

Healdsburg High School, Healdsburg Califonia, 2015

Pepe's Mexican Retaurant, Santa Rosa, CA.

The New Decomcray- Alfrado David Siqueiros